Fighting Depression Through Diet



From the Atkins diet to the ketogenic diet and every type of diet you can imagine (intermittent fasting to gluten-free diets), scientists are now learning that they all have one thing in common – positive effects on our mental health!



With rates of depression and anxiety at an all time high, researchers have been working hard to figure out the causes and what we can do to combat these issues in our ever increasingly connected and fast paced society.



New studies out of the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom have shown a significant link between making changes to our diets and reduced symptoms of depression. The large study looked at over 45,000 people with various changes in their diets ranging from weight-loss diets, fat-reducing diets, nutrient-rich diets, and found that ALL dietary changes significantly reduced depressive symptoms. Not only did they show that these changes weren’t limited to one type or specific diet, but rather that even simple dietary changes were just as effective as major changes.



The effects were even more prominent in women and scientists are not yet sure why this is the case. Scientists say results were also most profound for those that ate meals high in fiber and vegetables and less fast food and processed sugar.



While many of us diet to either lose weight or to gain muscle and look our best, this new evidence suggests that the food we eat may be playing a big part in regulating our moods and our mental health as well.


This is another reminder for us to be mindful of the food we eat. 


If you are reading this and suffering from major depression please contact the depression helpline at 1-800-273-8255

Deep Parikh