Everything is more extravagant and lavish in Dubai – Hospital stays included


Everyone knows everything is bigger in Dubai. From the Burj Khalifa to using Lambos as police cars, Dubai is known for being a little extra. Those with money in Dubai have little to no limits – the same goes for their healthcare. Boasting some of the best private hospitals in the world – the Mediclinic City Hospital which opened in 2008, was the first multi-disciplinary hospital in Dubai.

It offers specialist-focused treatment in the areas of cardiology, radiology, gynecology, trauma, nuclear medicine, endocrinology, obstetrics, neonatal care, among many others.


While it has all of the most modern toys – the real fun starts if you are a “very important patient” – their version of VIP (their words not ours). There are 5 luxury rooms to choose from. One is the royal suite, four are the VIP suites. All are located at the top floor of the hospital.


The amenities include suite-sized rooms, gourmet meals, high-thread-count sheets, attentive security and private elevator, and of course, staff that are ready to cater to your every whim.

The four VIP suites are built in the following manner: they are divided into two rooms; one for the patient as well as a sitting area for the family. The suite which resembles a hotel room more than a hospital bed has two flat screen entertainment systems, wireless Internet, two bathrooms, a refrigerator, a safe, and a fold out couch in case a guest wants to stay over. Luckily the cost for this room includes food for the patient as well as one guest. There is a personalized VIP food menu and room service.


Not to be outdone, the Royal suite goes one step further. The suite which is THREE times larger than the VIP suites has a clear view of the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai skyline. It boasts its own entrance hall, dining room, 2 bathrooms, private kitchen as well the patient’s room. The private kitchen comes with 24 hour personal service. Apart from state of the art entertainment systems in every room, each room can be customized with the latest technology to the liking of the patient. In case you have unfinished business while in the hospital the dining room has enough space to accommodate a business meeting.


According to the hospital website – the costs are “reasonable.”


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