One Man’s Poop is Another Man’s Dope



Scientists at Harvard Medical School just discovered that marathon runners’ poop can make mice run further! Or, more accurately, they discovered that a particular genus of bacteria called Veillonella is enriched in the guts (and butts) of marathon runners and that when they transplanted these bacteria into mice, the mice became significantly better runners.



In their paper, published in the prestigious journal Nature Medicine (here is a link to the paper:, they explain that Veillonella boosts running performance in mice and men by acting like a sponge for the lactate produce during exercise. Not only do Veillonella eat up lactate, but they convert it into propionate, a biomolecule that may further improve performance, suppress appetite, and fight obesity.



So, while no one is recommending you take poop pill pre-workouts quite yet, this exciting discovery provides further evidence to suggest that performance probiotics might be on the horizon. Keep watching (but not smelling) this space!

Nicholas Norwitz